Born in 1943, Jeremy Camps entered the insurance market as a junior trainee underwriter at Victory Reinsurance in September 1963.  7 years later he was tempted into the broking market and joined Lloyds Brokers R K Harrison J I Jacobs Insurance Ltd, building from scratch a successful reinsurance account of European mutuals – mainly Dutch and German.  He was also a Director of R K Harrison & Co’s Lloyds Managing Agency.  In 1983 following the merger of R K Harrison J I Jacobs with another broker, he left and became Managing Director of Reinsurance Broker Gil Carvajal & Partners a joint venture between Gil y Carvajal of Madrid and Lloyds Broker Hogg Robinson.  He left to join Lloyds Brokers Cameron Richard & Smith Insurance Services Ltd in 1988 being responsible for his mutual portfolio and the development of CRS Asian account – from his own contacts.  As a producer / broker he broked his own business in the Lloyds Room.  This personal aspect of business placement he much misses.  He was responsible for the establishment of CRS Insurance Services Labuan as reinsurance brokers in 1997 to service the local and regional clients leaving UK to become resident in Malaysia in 2000 following the purchasing of a shareholding in CRS Labuan.  In 2005 CRS London decided to sell their remaining shareholding which was purchased by the non-executive Chairman and the Company was renamed JCC Reinsurance.  On 1st January 2011 JCC Re was effectively taken over by the PWS/THB Group and a new Company PWS Labuan Limited was established.  Jeremy was appointed Chairman & Principal Officer.  Effective 1st July 2012 , an agreement was reached with the PWS Shareholders for Jeremy to become a non-executive Consultant on a non exclusive basis. Jeremy decided that rather than waste his 50 years plus experience he would become as independent reinsurance consultant to insurance companies, brokers and others on reinsurance hence the establishment of JCC Consultants Ltd, Labuan.He has recently successfully applied for a so called Malaysian Talent Corp 10 year permenant residence visa which allows non specific  employer work activities.

Jeremy was educated at Marlborough College in Wiltshire England, is an Associate of Chartered Insurance Institute London, a Chartered Insurance Practitioner and a Fellow of the Institute of Directors.

He was for 5 years the Chairman of the Labuan International Insurance Association, and in this role travelled extensively representing the Labuan Offshore Financial Center, continuing as Deputy Chairman for a further 2 years.His interests including racing his 35 foot yacht  Cabaret 6out from the Royal Selangor Yacht Club(where he is a committee member) and his collection of memorabilia of Sabah /British North Borneo.