The fundamental point is exactly this – service. Our company objective is not to be brokers although as advised later we can advise on broker selection as well but to offer to insurance companies who we regard as our prime target, advice and information on reinsurance. This can be purely advisory i.e. on structure, terms etc or extend to non placing control.

What is the best programme?
What is possible?
Which reinsurers/reinsurance market to use?
How to make the best presentation for the clients – to interest and create the best impression on reinsurers and also how to emphasise the best points?

These are definitely fundamental to success in any reinsurance placement…….

Progressing from this, the following aspects are vital:
Company Profile – presentation.
Company Structure and personnel.
Statistical presentation.
General IT – with the all important accounting functions with particular reference to reinsurance.
Advice on technical expressions and clauses for example difference between warranty and statement.
Training – we can organize training courses to explain reinsurance at all levels including accounting.
Product development – with special relation to reinsurance (ie what is required and or recommended).
We can also advice reinsurers – on underwriting criteria and business as well as claims control/management.

Additionally, we can advise brokers on technical issues from slip preparation to IT, contract documentation and everything except actual specific production of business.

And finally, with over 40 years insurance and reinsurance experience, we are well qualified to offer services as expert witness as well as acting as arbitrators.


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